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October 2014: in a radical change in direction, Sphinx have decided to dedicate extra resource into the consultancy side of our operation. Starting in Cornwall and the southwest of England, Sphinx will be seeking to apply many of the lessons learned globally to the UK domestic travel & tourism product. Whilst this part of England has in the past (and still does) enjoy a marked level of success, it is clear that the product is not all that it could be. We will, with the assistance and co-operation of many leading organisations, seek to make big improvements to all aspects of visiting the southwest, be it accommodation, activities, environment and natural surroundings and customer service. We want people to think Cornwall first when planning their next holiday.

Take a look at PROJECT CORNWALL for greater insight into our plans.

To see what we did at Reading Festival, click on the pic below.

Smashing Pumpkins

Recent Top Stories

  • Hintertux
    The whole year is ski season on this glacier
    We explore the Ice Palace on this, one of Europe's most favoured glacial ski areas.  Discovered just four years ago this inverted crevasse is unique and attracts experts and scholars on a daily basis.
  • Agadir
    More than a day out from bmi
    With regular flights from London's Heathrow, Agadir is now open to UK travelers whatever the season.
  • Megéve
    Alpine sublime
    The Rothschild family didn't create Megève one day because they were bored!  Look at what it offers the wiser traveler of today.
  • Mallorca
    Winter sun - a new experience for a Brit!
    What would a committed skier make of sunshine and sand during winter, we examine alien territory and discover snow in Palma for the first time in 52 years.
  • Cyprus
    A sure bet for the Brits.
    Cyprus has gone agro and eco in terms of tourism, but will eco(nomics) allow it to prosper?
  • Agen
    Six nights in Rosa...
    When this Dutch lady moved to France, who would have guessed she would spend all her time barging her way through the countryside.  Our turn for luxury and pampering on a 30m plus floating delight.
  • KwaZulu-Natal
    Four legs good, two legs bad!
    We take the opportunity to revisit South Africa's east coast after a long gap. Can the Beverly Hills hotel get even better? Are the humans more wild than the game? We have the answers.
  • Ste Foy
    A little bit of England in alpine France
    Is the ex-pat hideaway of Ste Foy all that it is cracked up to be. We look at the chalet offerings for those requiring a little more refinement. We explore and ski this so easily passed hamlet and discover the delights of French tree-skiing and lifts that have yet to discover queues.
  • Saas Fee
    We discover that Switzerland isn't just about being bling-enabled
    It didn't even have a road until 1952, but Saas Fee has blossomed into one of those 'must ski' resorts. We don our party boots and paint the town white! On route, we discover the aphrodisiac Glacial Flea and lunch is the world's highest revolving restaurant.
  • Sierra Nevada
    Nevada in a month of Sundays?
    Yes, Spain does have its own skiing, but how come not more Brits are taking "Sea & Ski" breaks so close to the Med. Does it Costa too much? This turns out to be a real eye-opener as we ski in the sun.
  • Southern France
    A load of Aude tat?
    Why is it the Brits retire here, but never bother to holiday in the same place?
  • Norway
    Oi got a loykin for Viking!
    In the land of the Midnight Sun, only nerds sleep, oh - and children, and locals, and those feeling tiredness... we on the other hand were as active as 'active things at Midnight'.