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Frequently Asked Questions

It's better to ask questions and sound dumb, rather than say nothing and prove it by your actions!

Q: Who can use Sphinx Media?
A: Sphinx supplies copy and photography to a wide range of UK and international newspapers, magazines and web sites.  Also, we produce features and articles for promotional use by UK companies and PR agencies.

Q: What is your normal turnaround time?
A: This is dependent on what is being asked of us.  In the past we have produced a 32+4 page IT supplement within 72 hours of being tasked, quite a feat.  But, often features are time dependent and where travel (and visas) are involved we do look towards maximum lead time.

Q: What is the situation with copyright?
A: Copyright is subject the the laws of England, but in all cases copyright will remain with Sphinx Media, unless specified during initial negotiations.  Where images not owned by Sphinx are used as part of a feature, we do advise the publisher to include proper credit to the owner in print.

Q: Would my feature be wholly exclusive to me?
A: Of course, if you 'purchase a service' from Sphinx then it is all yours.  But Sphinx, in order to keep costs low and maximise effectiveness, may use supplementary information gathered for other features and other clients.  That is the prudent and efficient way of operating, so it is possible to see a car review being produced simultaneous to a travel feature where the car is an aid in getting to the location and the location becomes a backdrop for the car.