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Sphinx Media employs specialists with wide experience on a whole host of subject areas.  We feel it adds in-depth knowledge to the topics we cover and adds an insight often ignored by others media producers.

In the main, Sphinx Media staff are graduates, but not exclusively so.  Whilst education and training are essential, experience of 'being out there and actually doing it' count for a lot more.

Executive Teammbs

Malcolm Bassett-Smith, principal, is active on the frontline researching and producing features and images.  A graduate of the University of Essex, University of Westminster and University of Sheffield, he has worked in both the financial sector and IT environment prior to moving into journalism in 1995.

Gavin Dunlop, winter sport specialist, has a long and enviable history in the promotion and development of skiing in particular and 'adventurous pursuits' in general.  Gavin has been pivotal in helping the popularity of skiing to a UK audience.