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Cornwall - time to change?

For over twenty years Sphinx personnel have combed the globe looking at tourism experiences. We have abseiled in Snowdonia, abluted in the Kashmir, paraskied in Norway, sailed in Greece, been used as film extras in Canada and arrested in America, bathed in perfume in Oman, tracked tiger in India, hot air ballooned in Austria and Antigua, danced with fire-eaters in Trinidad, dined in France (many times), been beaten with birch branches in Slovenia (in the name of health), risked the water in Mexico and been propositioned by ladyboys in Thailand - we have earned our spurs over every continent.

In all that time we have digested and analysed all we saw and inwardly asked 'why it was that some things worked and some simply bombed'. We don't claim to know all the answers to every question, but we do know quite a lot, which is why Sphinx have been called upon more and more to advise individual tourist offices, regions and even states to give input into their tourist product and how they can be improved. As a result we have come up with initiatives, marketing themes (even rebranding major products), events, quality control and the retraining of tourism personnel. We have proved that we know what we are talking about.

So it should not come as a surprise that eventually we would concentrate our attention on our own domestic product. The UK was one of the first nations to embrace tourism, as early at the sixteenth century we were charging admission to see the prisoners locked up in the Tower of London and we would advertise public executions on Tower Hill for the mass market. We knew that a good hung, drawn and quartering had its appeal - it beats prayer meetings hands down! We went on to create the 'grand tour', we took the first international tourists to the Nile, created alpine sport and with it the Cresta Run, we built the first railway hotels that assured all those staying a quality experience and a great night's sleep.

So based on our heritage and the input of the Lunns and Cooks that created tourism (as we know it) you would expect us to be world leaders. Sadly this is not the case, generally speaking we have got sloppy and lazy, we are eager to overcharge and under-provide. It's time to change and bring our base level on a par with the best of the best, it's time to re-invent professional standards in tourism across the board and here at Sphinx we want to help achieve this aim. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a view like this from their window, for them we want to create that little bit of magic with memories that last for ever.

A very popular view in Cornwall.