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Calendar of Events


2014 was a highly successful year and 2015 has all the signs of being even better.

With the assistance of GoPro cameras we are venturing into the world of HD video for online viewing as well as downloads to iPad/iPhone. Initial results have been far better than expected and so far we are just scratching the surface. Expect great things from that direction.

Travel & Tourism

  • England
    Cornwall - out of season
    In truth this gem is never out of season!
  • Austria
    Ski Amade at its best - we check it out.
  • Saas Fee
    We discover that Switzerland isn't just about being bling-enabled
    It didn't even have a road until 1952, but Saas Fee has blossomed into one of those 'must ski' resorts. We don our party boots and paint the town white!
  • Sierra Nevada
    Nevada in a month of Sundays?
    Yes, Spain does have its own skiing, but how come not more Brits are taking "Sea & Ski" breaks so close to the Med. Does it Costa too much?
  • Hochkonig
    Austria's Ski Amade is a constant favourite with scores of pretty ski villages, but this time with a twist
    For far too long we have sat on our hands and not taken up the invitation to visit Austria's number 1 wellness and health hotel. Time to address the situation and get a check up as well as a run down (the local ski slopes).
  • Colorado
    The land of the skiing cowboy
    We visit three very different ski areas to experience chanpagne powder at its best.
  • Germany
    2015, the year of discovery
    There are still so many places here to discover.
  • WTM
    In keeping with every past year, we will be attending WTM Press Day. As well as meeting up with past friends, we look forward to creating new alliances for 2015 and beyond.

Live music

  • Festivals
    Well we are mega festivalled out! We have the galleries, the crumpled wax cups for your beer and the pongy wellies - time for some 'home-made' delights for a change.
  • Concerts
    We will, as in the past, be 'snapping' at the best of rock and pop throughout the year.